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Hurtigruten Expeditions

Hurtigruten Expeditions provides eco-conscious Antarctic voyages, combining adventure, education, and sustainability for an enriching travel experience.

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Internet at the Final Frontier: How Starlink is Connecting Researchers and Explorers in Antarctica

High speed internet now covers all continents including Antarctica. If connectivity is important to you, read on to find out which operators offer Starlink on-board for the 2024-2025 season

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July 19th
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Leveraging Price Guarantees to Get the Best Price for Your Antarctica Cabin

By working with all operators, we’ve become experts in cruise pricing policies and two operators, Hurtigruten and Silversea stand out in their handling of price drop guarantees.

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July 18th
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Exploring Antarctica: How Cruise Operators and Conservation Partnerships Create Unforgettable Expeditions

Discover how top cruise operators partner with conservation organizations to offer enriching, science-focused Antarctica expeditions, blending adventure with education and environmental preservation.

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July 15th
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The season advances and the deals improve!

This week we have some new offers rolling out from Hurtigruten and a rare one from National Geographic Lindblad Expeditions

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June 30th
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Savings for adventurers on 2024 Antarctica cruises

Antarctica can be about luxury or adventure. Let's dig deeper into some of the current deals we have seen for our favourite adventure operators: Intrepid, Hurtigruten and Quark Expeditions.

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June 15th