While you may hear from some bloggers that the best way to get a deeply discounted cruise to Antarctica is by showing up to the port with cash in hand and negotiate harduously to get the best price, this could not be farther away from the truth.

Honestly, we think it must be to get traffic to their blog or assuming that you can book a cruise to antarctica similarly to one from Florida, because in reality none of the Antarctica operators sell directly to the public in the ports. While you may be able to find some Travel Agencies selling Antarctica packages in Usuaia, Argentina and in Punta Arenas, Chile they would carry at most the same public inventory that any agency has access to. By the time you would be physically in the departure city, it would unfortunately be too late to get access to a combination of the widest selection at similar deep discounts.

In our experience, the intersection of availability, deep discounts and reduction of solo supplements happens about 1 to 3 months prior to departure. At that time, this also coinsides well with the availability of reasonably priced airfares towards your departure point. There are also various secret sales happening throughout the year. Register to our mailing list to be the first one to know.

If you are already travelling in South America, by all means, we can work together to wait until the very last minute for the ultimate lowest price. However we have noticed that there is a point where our favourite value for money cruises inventory starts to disapear, leaving you only with the more barebones expedition cruises. Our finding is that expedition cruises often won't discount as deep as the luxury ones; so there is a point where you could get a luxury one for the same price as an expedition cruise.

Expertise and Unbiased Advice

At Unsold Antarctica we only do discounted Antarctica cruises. Unlike the other agencies that often will steer you towards upgrades, their prefered provider or a more expensive overall trip; we work for you first and foremost. Our dedicated team has expert knowledge and well-established partnerships with top cruise companies including Atlas Ocean Voyages, Antarctica21, Aurora Expeditions, Quark Expeditions, Intrepid, Hurtigruten, and Silversea, among others. This expertise ensures that you receive unbiased advice tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Advanced Planning and Availability

Cruise deals are often at their best about 2 to 3 months before departure—a timeframe that we at Unsold Antarctica monitor closely. By using our agency, you can plan ahead without the stress of leaving everything until the last minute. This way, you secure not only discounted rates but also greater cabin options and better itineraries.

In contrast, heading directly to the port in hopes of catching a last-minute deal is risky. The selection will be minimal since most cruises are fully booked months in advance. Moreover, even if cabins are available, they may not be in the desired category.

Exclusive Hidden Deals

Unsold Antarctica has access to hidden deals that aren't widely advertised. These exclusive offers are possible due to our established relationships with cruise operators. By leveraging these connections, we provide our clients with special packages that include added perks like complimentary excursions or onboard credits. The cruise operators allow us to offer you these unsold cabins, but only if you are a part of our Unsold Antarctica Membership. The best part? The entire cost gets credited towards your trip and comes with a money back guarantee; making this completely risk-free. The only risk is that you might save over 40% on your Antarctica expedition ?.

When trying to book at the port or directly, cruise lines are less likely to offer substantial discounts or perks publically not to anger the other guests that booked earlier.

Comprehensive Support

Booking through Unsold Antarctica means you have access to comprehensive support from inquiry through disembarkation. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your Antarctic adventure proceeds smoothly by assisting you through all booking details: flights, transfers, pre-cruise accommodation, advice on how to spend some quality pre-Antarctica time in Buenos Aires or Santiago de Chile and providing assistance with visas and travel insurance recommendations.

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