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June 1st
Deals Oceanwide Expeditions Scenic Ocean Voyages

When the 2nd guest sails free, who would you bring?

Imagine the thrill of a luxurious cruise with your favorite person by your side—absolutely free. When the 2nd guest sails free, who would you bring? Whether it’s a romantic partner, best friend, or family member, the choice is yours with Scenic.

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July 22nd
AI generated image of a massive dish on top of a cruise ship in Antarctica
Atlas Ocean Voyages Aurora Expeditions Hurtigruten Expeditions Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic Expeditions Scenic Ocean Voyages

Internet at the Final Frontier: How Starlink is Connecting Researchers and Explorers in Antarctica

High speed internet now covers all continents including Antarctica. If connectivity is important to you, read on to find out which operators offer Starlink on-board for the 2024-2025 season

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July 19th
Explorers showshoeing in Antarctica
Deals Hurtigruten Expeditions Silversea Expeditions

Leveraging Price Guarantees to Get the Best Price for Your Antarctica Cabin

By working with all operators, we’ve become experts in cruise pricing policies and two operators, Hurtigruten and Silversea stand out in their handling of price drop guarantees.

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July 18th
Three individuals snowshoeing in Antarctica
Hurtigruten Expeditions Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic Expeditions Oceanwide Expeditions Ponant Cruises Viking Cruises

Exploring Antarctica: How Cruise Operators and Conservation Partnerships Create Unforgettable Expeditions

Discover how top cruise operators partner with conservation organizations to offer enriching, science-focused Antarctica expeditions, blending adventure with education and environmental preservation.

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July 15th
Kayaker in Antarctica
Deals Hurtigruten Expeditions National Geographic Expeditions

The season advances and the deals improve!

This week we have some new offers rolling out from Hurtigruten and a rare one from National Geographic Lindblad Expeditions

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June 30th
Tourists taking photos of an iceberg from a vessel in Antarctica
Antarctica Data

Antarctica Visitor Trends from 1993 to 2024 [Interactive Data]

We were curious about who visits Antarctica, what type of expeditions they choose to embark on and how it has changed in the last decades. So we've dug deep into the recent tourism numbers to see its evolution. Just like an iceberg, there is a lot more to it than what is at the surface!

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June 23rd
AI image of someone trying to book an Antarctica cruise from the port of Ushuaia, which is not possible.

Going to the port to score a discounted Antarctica cruise? Not so fast, it isn't the 80s anymore.

We're not even sure how this rumour still persists. Save yourself the trip and let us find you a deeply discounted cruise from wherever you are. We work with all operators.

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June 22nd
Ship sailing in Antarctica
Deals Guides

Last Minute or Early Bird Discounted Cruises?

We offer both. But let's dig deeper in the types of discounts for unsold cabins you can see in either formats.

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June 18th
Closeup on the yellow mitts of an Antarctica-bound passenger

How to get the best value for your Antarctica trip?

Flexibility is how you can explore the white continent for an incredible value. By being flexible about when to go, comparing multiple operators and starting to look about 4 months to 2 weeks before departure will allow you to get an unsold cabin for a lot less. We are here to demystify Antarctica travel and send you there for an incredible value.

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June 17th
Deals Hurtigruten Expeditions Intrepid Travel Quark Expeditions

Savings for adventurers on 2024 Antarctica cruises

Antarctica can be about luxury or adventure. Let's dig deeper into some of the current deals we have seen for our favourite adventure operators: Intrepid, Hurtigruten and Quark Expeditions.

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June 15th
Intrepid Travel Operators

Operator Spotlight: Intrepid Travel

With the largest amount of optional activities offered in a large vessel capped at only 199 passengers. Intrepid and the Ocean Endeavour offers an elevated expedition for adventurous travellers looking to experience Antarctica to the fullest!

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June 12th